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Meet the Phases Hair Salon Team

Phases Hair Salon in Grand Rapids, MI has a staff of seasoned stylists to make your hairstyle dreams into a reality. Read more about our team below!

Ken Kandow

Ken Kandow Ken Kandow has 36+ years’ experience as a licensed Barber Stylist and a passionate Hair Expert. He is certified as both a Color Expert and a Product Specialist for John Paul Mitchell Systems and is a former Paul Mitchell National Educator. Ken has owned Phases Hair Salon, a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, since 1997.

Ken loves making hair dreams comes true! He has an honorary PhD as a “Hairapist,” listening to his clients’ desires and concerns, while identifying their specific hair needs. He strives to make his consultations enjoyable, relaxing, educational and individualized. Ken believes that “teaching clients” how to maintain their style at home is a vital part of their visit.

Outside of the salon, Ken is a certified Spiritual Energy Healing Practitioner with Healing in America. He is also a board member for the non-profit organization, Follow The Buffalo, Inc., which helps support the Lakota Sioux people on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.

Vonnee Kissinger

Vonnee KissingerHello!  My name is Vonnee Kissinger, and I’ve been a stylist for 25 years. In that time, I have been licensed and working in Las Vegas, NV, where I was born, and since 1998 I’ve had the pleasure of living and working here in the Grand Rapids area. Being a stylist is as easy as breathing to me.

I naturally love to emphasize a person’s beauty and bring out the best in others, both physically and emotionally. I thoroughly enjoy taking an average head of hair, adding some dimension with color, or changing up the length to accentuate a person’s facial shape. The result is so satisfying when a person looks and feels their absolute best!

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people grow their hair out with “micro-trims,” as well as exciting hair reveals with totally new haircuts or fresh color and achieving a major change. I love both sides of the spectrum depending on where the client is at with their personal hairstyling goals. My sweet spot that I really thrive in is working with people who have that in between curly and straight hair. I can make hair that wimps out bounce up like no one else. Also, I can take annoying wavy hair and smooth it out to shine and swing.

If you are looking for a new stylist that has a lot of experience, enjoys chatting during your appointment time, loves people, maintains her enthusiasm for her profession, stays current with trends, truly appreciates beautiful hair and understands how to achieve it, I might be your gal.